Bathtub Tray with optional wine holder. Bathtub Tray Shelf, Luxury Bathtub Tray, Bath Caddy. Perfect Gift for


Luxury Bathtub Caddy handmade from Reclaimed Woods, custom built to fit your bathtub. The tray can hold candles, a glass of wine, a book, a phone, a tablet. The wood is smooth and splinter free after sanding. This bath tray will show character with natural wood indentations. Any other special requests please email us and ask & we can create a custom quote for you. * This listing is for USA shipping Rates. This item is custom made to order based on your options and color preference.

* The Rectangle pattern as you see. (Check out our Etsy Shop for other patterns we offer)
* Feet on the bottom to secure the tray in place. If you would like the tray to have “legs” to go around middle faucets please message so we can get your dimensions. The feet can be unscrewed if you need to adjust them. We can only do the feet on the inside, no on the tray, of like the leg version.
* Backing to secure the tray in place. If you do not wish for the backing to be added please let us know when ordering. We finish our trays with sealing on the bottom and sides of the tray to help protect it from water.
* Standard width is 13-15". If you would like it smaller please put the size you would like in the note section when checking out. We can make trays lengths up to 48” long. Anything longer please message us and send us your dimensions.
* You have the choice of what wood tones we use in your tray. The different colors in the wood are natural wood color tones.
Each bath tray will be different due to the fact no two pieces of wood are the same. If you see another one of our trays you like we can use it as inspiration when picking the woods we use for your tray.
* We use oil to finish the tray with a natural finish.

-Measurements: We need the inside measurement of your tub, outside measurements going across your tub, the two edge measurements. Please see our picture above to see exactly what measurements we need. We need measurements for A,B,C, & D. Please provide your measurements in the note section when checking out.
- Wood color preference- Mixed Woods, Brown, Red or Blonde tone woods. If you would like grey we recommend using brown and blonde tone woods and stain it grey.
- Stain Color if you have chosen the stain option. Please put the color choice in the note section at checkout.
-*If we do not get any notes, or messages regarding your bath tray measurements we cannot complete your order until we have those measurements. If you are not sure our bath tray will work with your tub, please send us a photo of your tub and we can let you know. We would be happy to assist you in ordering or help create a custom order for you.
* We will send you a progress photos after we have the tray built, and another photo after we have the stain or finish on the tray. We do ask for your approval on the stain or final finish photo to make sure you are happy with the color. We can not ship your item without your approval. Please make sure you check your messages.

-Easel- Comes unattached with two notches for different angles, made from wood. We make the easel to fold down flat and it can be removed completely. Please let us know if you need your easel to be made larger to hold a laptop or larger tablet. If you do not inform us you need a larger size Easel it will come the standard size. We make them each to fit your tray.
-Stain- Please pick from the stain colors, if you have chosen to upgrade your bath tray with stain on it.
-Indentations- for candles or Drink wear: Tea Light Candle: 2" Cup or large Candle: 3.5" typical. Wine glass: 3" typical. (If you do not see the size or placement of the indentation you want please message us and we can make a custom order for you.)
-Soap Dish- Matching soap dish, from the same wood we make your tray out of.

To Care for your Bath Tray:
To keep your tray in good shape we recommend you use howard-feed-n-wax beeswax polish and conditioner. Wipe down your tray after use. We recommend wiping down your tray after use.

Other Trays we have done:
To see other bath trays we have made in other stain colors and patterns please visit:

Not Included:
*Tablet, bath decoration and accessories not included. This listing is only for the bath tray, the photos in the listing show upgraded options. The pictures in the listing show indentations and color and these are not standard. The easel is an upgraded feature. The other pictures shown in listing are only to show buyers other stains and designs. This listing is only for 1 bath tray.

Shipping to Alaska and Hawaii, it is more money for us to ship to. We will send you a custom order, with the shipping cost included. If you already purchased an item, we will send you a receipt for any additional shipping costs. For International shipping prices please message us, or see our International Bath Tray Listing.

Custom Orders:
If you get your update photo and you are not happy with the design, or stain color you have chosen, please let us know as soon as possible. Our custom orders are all handmade. If a color revision is needed after we have stained it there will be an additional revision color charge will be $20.00 each revision. Customers will be billed for the additional revisions. We will not ship your item if you have an outstanding balance. Please keep in mind if we do have to make any changes it may take extra time beyond your ship date to be done. We recommend you visit our Website or to see examples of trays we have done in other stain colors. All Custom Bath Tray Sales are Final. All approval photos we send void the right for any dispute of any kind. For any disputes buyer is to pay for all shipping, return shipping & a Restocking fee of $50. We send up to 2 progress photos of the tray before we send it to you to make sure you are happy along the way. We do require approvals on both photos before moving forward. Buyers are responsible to contact Fedex for any damage or shipping delays, we are not held responsible or liable. We confirm your order details with you and we are now sending mock ups. Please review the order details to make sure they are correct. For damage we NEED photos of the box! That is non negotiable, in order for us to file a shipping claim If there is No photo of the box and damage the customer is responsible for filing a claim and takes responsibility in doing that and any damage that may be caused. All claims as subject to be approved by us.

Possible Delays: During the summer and winter months the weather can effect our production time with any of our items. Our products are all handmade with real wood. Our drying time is effected when it is too hot, rain or cold. Thank you for your patience during these times. We will let you know if we think we will need a few extra days due to the weather and drying times on items.

Intellectual Property
Photo © Southern Charm Woodworks 2024
No reproduction or use of photo permitted without consent from Southern Charm Woodworks. Design layout & concept

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Instagram: SouthernCharmWoodworks

Returns & Exchanges

I gladly accept cancellations

Shipping Information and large Item shipping.

Local Pick up:Any of our items can be picked up locally in Franklin Tennessee. Fright shipping cost do fluctuate can be more.
Our return policy: We will evaluate each case individually. The customer is responsible for any return shipping or box costs. The item must be returned, to us in the original condition, the customer is responsible for any loss in value. Restocking fee may be applied.
After it leaves our shop we are not responsible for any shipping issues, wrong addresses, or damage. Customer will have to file a claim with the shipping company.
We send photo of custom items before shipping you can see what your item looks like.
Buyer is responsible for ALL intercept mail charges.
If you have a problem please contact us.

Care instructions

For our mixed wood bath trays or items purchased with a pattern we recommend using howard-feed-n-wax beeswax polish and conditioner. Do not use on barnwood items! Only smooth Wood items. We recommend wiping the trays down after use. The feet can be unscrewed if you need to adjust them.
The backing is on to protect your tub. If you don’t want the backing please let us know.
Due to allergies we can no longer offer our Teak Bath Trays. We apologize for any inconvenience, but our health is important to us.


For Custom orders we send progress and final photos to customers. We do ask for approvals on all custom items we make to make sure you are happy with them. We send mock up of Command Centers with your order details outlined clearly. Buyer is responsible for looking over order details and making sure they are correct. You have 2 weeks to approve your final photo of your item. After 2 weeks, if we have not heard from you, we will ship your item. The customer waves the right/ approval to make any changes once we have shipped. The customer at that point is responsible for any shipping/ change fees/etc. Buyers are also responsible for providing correct shipping address when submitting their order.

Custom and personalized orders

All items, custom orders & engraved items are handmade, we do not offer refund on custom order. We use measurements or text from customer. We need correct measurements to complete your order. For concerns, or questions please let us know before the final stage of your custom order so we can try and make a change. Not all request can by applied.
Stain revision $20.00 per revision. Any changes made allow extra time. All Custom or Bath Tray Sales are Final. For any disputes buyer is to pay for all shipping, return shipping & a Restocking fee of $50. We send approval progress photo before ship. We are not liable will not pay refund or have disputes for Items that buyers think are inaccurately described but don’t meet a buyer's expectations.

Wood, Backing and Accessories on our products-

We use a non adhesive nonslip shelf liner, glued, to the bases of our bath trays and most of our products. We use the lining so the wood does not scratch surfaces. If you would like us to not use the liner please put that in the notes when checking out. If the backing is showing it can be removed with scissors.
The hook style may very slightly per what is available.
Wood color type markings will all vary per piece. Each piece of wood is different. We use reclaimed recycled woods that can have holes, knots, or other natural beauties on each piece.

Will the Bath Tray fit my tub?

Our Bath Trays can be made with most bathtubs. Our general rule of thumb is if you have at least 1" between your tub and the wall, or a claw foot tub it should fit. They fit over most spa bathtubs. You can send us a photo of your tub if you are not sure it will fit before you order. All of our bath trays are handmade to order based on the measurements you provide us of your tubs dimensions.

All measurements are very important when making the trays.
The A. C. & D. Measurement should add up to the B. Measurement. We use all of the measurements you provide to make the trays to custom fit your tub. For the feet we can only do the feet on the inside, no feet on the tray, of like the leg version.

Additional Shipping & International Information

Do to covid we can not ship internationally. If you do not see your country please message us and we can tell you how much it would be to ship.
If you would like information for shipping On of our Bath Trays we need 2 things from you. The length the tray would be, your shipping zip code.
Due to Covid 19 shipping may be delayed for International orders. It is out of our control once we pass it on to the shipping company.

Shipping to Alaska and Hawaii, it is more money for us to ship to. We will send you a custom order, with the shipping cost included.
Once the item leaves our shop you must contact the shipping carrier for any problems, damage, claims or delays. We are not responsible once we have passed it to the shipping carrier.

Intellectual Property

The Pattern Bath Tray's are our original Design. We are the original owner of our Pattern Bath Trays. These designs are copyrighted. We do not authorize anyone trying to copy, or copying our design, graphics names, photos, our items for sale, videos or any Southern Charm Woodworks intellectual property. We do not authorize anyone trying to sell our items on any other site without our knowledge. All rights reserved 2022

Wholesale availability

Some of our items can be bought wholesale. Please message us on the item you would like, quantity, wood tone, zip code, and any additional information and we will give you a quote. See our Ordering Guide for additional information on options we have.
We have some more wholesale information available on our website.

This item looks like a HUGE bulky glossy cutting board not a slender spa like bath tray….I absolutely hate it and will never order anything from them again AND will spread the word☹️

My mom is so hard to shop for but I finally found the perfect gift! This item arrived and looked beautiful-she absolutely loves it!

Incredible craftsmanship. The tray turned out far better than I hoped. It fits the tub perfectly, the coloring is absolutely gorgeous, the thoughtful padding on the bottom so it doesn't scrape the fiberglass... Well done!

It took me FOREVER to leave the review because I JUST gifted this to my husband! I ordered before Christmas in order to get this hand crafted piece in time for his birthday! He uses his bath to catch up on business email, do lessons plans, read, watch his 'shows'. His bath time is his bliss and no better way to recharge than with this amazing piece! The craftsmanship is TRUELY artistic. The build is so sturdy I expect it to be around for generations. Treated well, it's an heirloom piece!!! THANK YOU TO SOUTHERN CHARM WOODWORK!!!

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